Day 4 of 45: Rehearsal for investors

6.14pm. Looking at the computer screen. Seeking divine inspiration. It’s not forth-coming today. Have felt slow and lethargic. There’s probably more that I can be doing. But what is it? I feel like going on a beer (and whiskey) bender, and moaning in the ear of some poor friend. But I’ve been good of late… and it would write off the whole of tomorrow. 

And I need to be around tomorrow incase divine inspiration should arrive. (Hello… divinity… where are you? )


One of our current investors has asked me and my sidekick to come in later in the week and walk them through our pitch and our deck. We have identified a list of possible VC’s who might fund our Series A, and we are hoping our current investors can give necessary introductions. But the process of going in and giving a run through fills me with insecurity. Particularly with this investor who is old-school.  This is not the Kumbaya investor who just wants to create something great. He see’s straight through the B/S. 

He is looking for something black and white with a huge scalable vision. He also wants proof in the pudding based on what we have achieved in the last year. Have we done enough to warrant a next round? Certainly not in my opinion. This is where I need to fill the gaps with believable B/S. I need my best acting abilities and charm offensive switched on. 

I’m always best when I can give a passion play. But it’s very hard to give a passion play in a rehearsal. I need the cameras rolling.

This investor is only trying to help… but at the same time I’m intimidated. He’s closer to it. He can see through it. He’s tough to impress.

Strikes me that we will need another deck. The deck we currently have is a good deck for someone to flick through alone. I feel we need a better deck presentation that I can talk people through. So I need to cobble that together in short time. Have put off doing that all day. My creative brain is running very low.

On a positive note, I do see a slight opportunity here to go in and bowl our current investor away. Maybe I can give them no choice but to put his hand in his pocket again. Thats undoubtedly the way I should be looking at it. I need more of that vigor. Perhaps I’m just out of gas. Maybe the salesman in me has ran out of juice to keep selling this. 

The worse possibility is that I’m just too lazy to get my mind through the obstacle coarse. Mental energy lacking…

Ok, enough of this indulgent internal monologue. 

Positive thinking.

Off to make… another deck. 

(Hmmmm beer….)

John Startup



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