Day 5 of 45: Unknown Unknowns

7.43pm. So I’ve decided to make Fridays ‘rehearsal’ presentation big and ballsy. I want to go in, and reignite our current investors view on what we do. Get them to see the big picture. While what we do is a little un-understandable… I need to get them to see that the unknown future is exciting, and that we are important in that future.

That sounds a bit Donald Rumsfeldy

So with that I spent most of the day trying to figure out how to use a presentation site called Prezi. We already have a good deck… but I need to take it a different direction. I want to create a slide deck that is more esoteric and at the same time straight to the point. I know what your thinking… THIS GUY IS LOST….

The interesting thing is, I’ve actually become quite excited learning Prezi. I mean, at times it’s been infuriating, but slowly but surely I have come to get it and it’s potential. I’ve been hooked in all day on it like a little art project.

I’ve wiped the slate clean a few times. It’s blank at the moment. All I really have now is the knowledge of how to use the bloody thing. Times not on my side, and this is probably not the best way to be utilizing it right now. So I’ll need to accept it might take a late nighter to get the presentation I want out of it.

My mind is flat now though. 

I ended up caving last night and having a few beers. So it’s to the gym… and perhaps a few beers late into the night trying to crack this.

John Startup

BTW if interested, this video which I saw years ago, is what I want to get towards. Took me ages to find today.




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