Day 6 of 45: Positives and The Dublin Web Summit

12.53am. Today was a day of big positives. I landed two meetings next week with huge companies that would be dream investors (and possibly even acquirers). 

I’m trying to keep my feet on the ground. But from my perspective it’s impossible not to think of what the potential could be. It still requires me giving my A game… but at this stage, I couldn’t ask to be in a better position. I have to nail these meetings.

We’re talking industry legends. From my industry point of view… it’s like a computer guy meeting with Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. I did not expect the day to work out so well.

It’s all MY MY MY

I’m going to gush a bit now.  

A few years ago I found myself in Dublin, Ireland. A beautiful city at any time of the year. 

I remember seeing an advertisement for an event that would become known today as the Web Summit.

It was a relatively humble affair. A couple of high profile tech journalists and bloggers were to speak.

It was ok. Nothing special. But in a bar afterwards I met Paddy Cosgrave – the organizer of the event. He was young and passionate about bringing the tech community to Dublin. “Why Dublin? ” I asked. “Why not?” he said. 

In the years since I have made it my business to go to the Web Summit. The atmosphere is always great. The conversation has an extra punch. It could be the Guinness, or it could be the genuine personality of the Irish. Either way, I’ve watched Paddys Summit grow with admiration. 

Paddy has managed to build on those early journos and bloggers, to attract the biggest names in the industry to the event. I don’t know how he’s done it. You name them… Chad Hurly (founder of YouTube), Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) and Jack Dorsey (founder of Twitter) have all attended. Even Bingo Bongo (Bono) has shown up.

The Web Summit has charm because it’s held in Dublin. Aside from the event itself, you meet people in bars. You talk over a drink. You have an ability… TO GET REAL. That sounds cheesy. But it’s true. It’s important to cast bullshit aside at times. 

It was at the Web Summit, that I met what would become the first angel investor in our business. That led to other angels getting on board. If it wasn’t for the Paddys Web Summit dream… this crazy dream wouldn’t be alive.

So today I found myself in a city far away from Dublin. I watched the event online. I was sad. I wanted to be there. I wanted to be starting all over again.

Today, over 10’000 people are in attendance. They opened the event by ringing the bell that opened the New York Stock Exchange… from Dublin! Looking on Twitter… I see Bono is drinking with Tony Hawk and a range of start ups. 

It’s an inspirational gathering.

I owe Paddy a pint for being where I am, despite my moanings.

Back to the grind.

John Startup



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