Day 9 of 45: Can I have some more please?

11.19pm. Sitting in bed waiting for our websites backend to work. It’s been iffy over the last few weeks, and as I’ve said before… our programmer is a pain in the ass and impossible to reach. If we manage to get another round of financing… we will be looking for someone new.

As I write this, I’m listening to a website called Rainymood. It’s chilled out. Recently also discovered It’s from the kid that created The Million Dollar Homepage. Now that was bloody genius.

I’ve been doing a lot of listening recently. In the gym I have been listening to the audiobook of the legendary football manager Alex Ferguson. So much wisdom to gleam from that in terms of wheeling and dealing, motivating others around you, managing yourself.

I’m full of top tips today.

Spent a lot of the day tearing up my Prezi presentation and starting from scratch. Again. Feels a bit like ironing. I go over it once, and then again to remove the creases. Back and forth, back and forth. It’s looks much better. If only I had more time, I could end up with a job at Pixar due to my newly learned wizardry.

Ironically, as the time ticks perilously down, my brain is moving quicker at analyzing the state of the industry I’m in. I’m seeing how broken it is from many perspectives.

I want to kick up a fuss about it all, and lay down my own rules to the game. So passionate am I, that I actually contacted a journalist last week with some of my grievances with the industries top dog. He wrote back today to me very enthusiastic to write an article. Even though it would be good and possibly great publicity, I chickened out. Don’t want to ruffle the feathers too much.

That’s pretty pathetic of me. I love ruffling feathers, but I would annoy everyone working with me, and all our existing investors. The the industries top dog…could kill us with a flick. But with a month to go… who cares?

That’s the problem with being beholden to others,  you need to consider them.

We have a right to be in this game, but all the chips are being held by the people at the top table. They are just playing roulette however. Gotta love this gambling metaphor.

Tomorrows meeting is with one of those players. I feel like Oliver looking up meekly… “Can I have some more please?” I don’t know why the top players might be serving dodgy food at a roulette table… but you get the idea.

I’m going mad, and I think my site is fully on the blink now.

John Startup

P.S. Nice to be featured in this blog post. Just who am I? 🙂


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