Day 13 of 45: Smug and Soulless VCs

10.04am. I can’t believe I have made an offer to sell the company. I have worked on this for 8 years! Selling it is a big deal. I’m not sure it’s even a good idea. Perhaps I’d rather go broke and it should wind down than sell it on.

On the other hand, maybe this is just a natural development. Like a child growing up and leaving home. 

We finally came to a valuation price that is a bit high, but fuck it. Let’s see what they say. If they said yes… it would be incredible (realizing I’m contradicting myself already). But they could easily say no. They might not even be interested. Time will tell, and we’ll know very soon.


On Friday we had another presentation with a huge global fund. I was told by my side kick that it was my best presentation to date. I was very aggressive. I spoke the company up on every level. I had an answer for everything.

But these guys were smug. It annoyed me. 

Firstly, they came along late. I hate that. No excuse not to be punctual. It’s just rude.

Secondly the whole time I was making my wizzy Prezi presentation, the main guy we were speaking to, spent most of his time with his head down tapping on his IPad. 

We had a pretty good idea these guys were not interested before we went in and hence why I was aggressive in my presentation style.  I wanted to grab their attention. But even still, they could have been polite, showed interest for 20 minutes, and made a suggestion or two to us. 

One thing I’ve learned in recent years, is that whenever anyone shows you something, or comes looking for advice – be nice to them, give them your thoughts. Give suggestions. Perhaps even suggest another person for them to meet. It’s good karma.

But these people were utterly soulless and smug. I feel sorry for them. Who needs money which such attitudes?

Big week on the cards.

John Startup


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