Day 14 of 45: Gazillions Of Buttons

6.31pm. Pretty tired. Heading to San Fran at the crack of dawn. Need to pack. Need to pick up laundry. I hate airports. I hate flying. Moan. Moan. Moan.


Last night I met one of the hippest companies on the planet who have experienced humungus success in recent times . Their space was lush. 

When I got in I had to go through the usual procedure of trying to hook my laptop to their presentation screen. This procedure never works simply. There is always a process whereby people stand up and begin fiddling with wires and multiple remotes with gazillions of buttons. You can meet the biggest companies in the world of tech, but somehow they can’t figure out how to use their own TVs.

The guy we were meeting sat back strangely in his big leather chair as I did my presentation standing up talking down to him.

He basically told me in a round about way that his company is abandoning what made it great… to do everything but that thing that made it great in the first place. Does that make sense? No matter how big I pitched what we do, the conversation kept coming back to numbers. Ugh.

This is a great company but it’s hard not to see everyone as a kind of enemy just now.

I’ll show them! 

My first meeting today was with a former juggernaut of the web. They are currently trying to reclaim their former glory. I think my company could help add a degree of credibility to that effort.

Was a decent conversation. Went on for about an hour. He asked a ton of questions, which I liked.  It’s easy to ask questions. It shows your curious. Tip… even if your not interested in something, ask questions; it’s a way of being polite.

After I did my big spiel, and he asked all his questions, he proceeded to tell us the state of the industry (loaded with a ton of negatives) for the next 20 minutes. All stuff we knew.

So yeaaaaah. Again, it was fine, but don’t think anything will come of it. You never know.


And finally, just back from another meeting. It was more of a biz dev meeting, but I tried to spike their interest in what we were doing.

“Yeah, we should try to work together. Maybe…”


I’m tired of meeting people who are in such a great position in life, but look thoroughly bored with what they are doing. People who seem to have seen everything. It looks like nothing would excite them.

And the money thing, endless conversations about money. I mean there has to be more to life than that pursuit. Right? Anybody?

I’ve done this rant before.

Over and out.

John Startup



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