Day 15 of 45: Rejection

7.46am. Jet lagged. Have been on the road for a couple of days. Will fill in the blanks latter perhaps. Had planned on doing that now, but just got an email of rejection in my inbox from the guy and industry juggernaut I offered to sell the company to last week.

“we can’t complete a purchase of this type right now as we are etc etc etc”

All I can say is fuckity-fuck-fuck-fuck…bummer…gut kicked… ugh… ahhh

Please forgive my language.

It’s a bit like a girl saying she’s just not that into you. It so hard to take.

This was clearly the best show in town, and could not avoid spending much of the last week thinking about the future possibilities. I was going to put a down payment on a small house. I was going to give some kick back to important people. Everybody was going to be happy. I was going to get a personal trainer.

Shaking my head.

So the questions are – Did we offer the company at a price that was too high? A couple of our investors had advised to ask for a highish price that my gut told me was too high. A couple of advisors told me to go low, and get out of jail. In the end I think we went mid – high. It could have been a factor. It’s hard to tell.

Did I jinx it somehow? I’m not one for superstitions, but did I tell too many friends? Did I write about it too much? I know this is nonsense… but you do think about that. Does putting out information on any level cause a train reaction of energy that comes full circle in the form of a big NO.

Nevertheless I wrote back to this guy with an email that stated how he needed to view it. Beating a dead horse? Perhaps. They say you can never make a girl fall in love with you. Is the same true in business?

Ok, off to another meeting. Blanks to be filled in later.

John Startup



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