Day 17 of 30: The Cold Call

3.39pm. I just had a huge rejection. But I actually feel shit cool about this one. 

Why? Because I literally emailed a goliath and asked him could he take a call. 

He responded. “I’m in an airport. Phone me now. My number is xxx xxx xxxx.”

Suddenly I’m on the phone to one of the worlds biggest CEOs. Within 5 minutes I had made my pitch, offering the company at a price and asking for him to commit to investing over 2/3 years.

As we go to the wire on this, we have nothing to lose. It felt like a pretty ballsy thing to do, and now I know I can cross them off the list.

His reason why he couldn’t do it was because his own company (who are MASSIVE) was in itself  a state of flux. He was candid and explained fully the position he was in. 

In the space of 20 minutes I got an answer that took me 2 weeks to get from my previous offer. 

I appreciated his honesty. For some reason I always find the people at the very very top of the trees easiest to deal with. I guess its because they are in a relatively similar situation to me… trying to keep a ship afloat…. even if they are dealing with billion of dollars.

Thats two big NOs.

Ehhh…. anyone else around?

– John Startup


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