Day 18 of 30: Anxiety Rising

7.35pm. Desperation is building. Need to somehow get grounded.

I’ve taken to sitting in a bar, lap top open, with a notepad, and a glass of wine… and sending biblical emails to everyone to get something to happen.

The vibes for a bridge round are not great. I’ve been doing my homework. And there is no investor lurking around just now.

I’ve got creative with my thinking. If I can buy us time we can still get this company in shape. So I need to raise about 400k to give us 6 months. I’ll take over the world with that.

I’ve just sent an email to a linchpin asking for him to invest that amount to give us the crucial time.

Time will tell.

Sorry have been so lax with these posts… it would be fair to say, my mind is currently a bit messy.

John Startup


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