Day 19 of 30: Crunchbasing

8.26pm. In office space alone. It’s a little chilly.

You know things are desperate when you have taken to sending the most random people emails trying to nudge their interest. 

I’ve been on Crunchbase for the last few hours. Seeing who’s invested in who… and then randomly emailing them. Of coarse it’s hard to find the emails of the multi millionaire types, but LinkedIn is proving surprisingly useful today. You can find a lot of people, and see when they’ve looked at your page. I didn’t know people actually used LinkedIn. But they do!

I managed to get the attention of a fairly high up CEO who I hope to get on the phone in the next couple of days. Touch wood.


This has become a fight for survival. Forget Series A. Forget acquisitions. It’s clear these things are not on the cards now. So my mind has been trying to work out how we might buy ourselves 6 months.

Last night I made a great offer to a CEO. I said we need 350K, and by the end of that we’ll be in proper business, having hired the exact right personal. It was a great offer… I got a little excited by it… but this morning I got the rejection response.

Yep. Things are not looking good.

I wish I didn’t believe in this fucker so much. I know we have something special. 

But the market dictates… the market dictates. All the rejections can’t be coincidence. Maybe I have bad breath?

Terrible closing line.

John Startup


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