Day 24 of 30: A Lifeline?

8.10am. I haven’t been very good writing in recent days.

After Fridays post, I went on a drinking binge with a couple of friends which resulted in the alcohol blues on Saturday. I felt so ginger that I decided to check myself into a cheap and cheerful hotel with a swimming pool. I just wanted to float

This was an indulgence I could not really afford in light of my immediate future, but for survivals sake… a pool was needed.


Yesterday morning I woke up spritely and met with a legendary dude I look up to. I’ve taken to just asking for meetings with people for two reasons – 1/ To ask for wisdom 2/ To put my situation in their heads on the chance they might come up with something. 

The wisdom being the key though. I’m asking people… ‘What would you do if you were in my position with a week to save the company?’ 

This guy who was 62 and surrounded by a stunning funky office space told me I was doing everything he would do. He told me that he gets 99% of things in life wrong. He told me how in his past he’s taken his wifes money, his childrens education fund, and remorgaged the house to keep things afloat… and still failed. He was full of positive helpful energy… and I just came out of the meeting feeling better. That feeling goes a long way. 


Spent most of yesterday Crunchbasing and emailing random companies who would be a good fit when one of our existing investors called –

Investor – “So John, I’ve just came out of a board meeting, and I was really thinking, we can’t let this die. I mean, I don’t think this will become a big company, but I really think it needs a home somewhere. How much are you burning a month?”

John Startup – “Eh…. 40ish… I think.”

Investor – “Ok, so I propose we try and raise 200 to give you a few months, and we’ll work together to find this a new home.”

Quick mental calculation… need at very least 240k.

John Startup (on his knees) – “I mean yeah. I think that too… that would be great. Errrrrrmmmm I really think we’ll need 240 though.”

Long story short, he’s going to try get the other investors to put in to give us a 6 month lifeline. At this point I’m feeling anything would be a miracle… so this phone call is welcome news. Their call is not till next Tuesday, so we wont know till next week. It would be a savior… and I’m not counting my chickens… but we’ll have to wait and see.

John Startup



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