Day 27 of 30: Feeling Lazy

1.08pm. It’s the day after thanks giving and I’m trying to motivate myself to do more stuff. But right now I’m completely lethargic to do anything. Everywhere is quiet Stateside to I’m a little excused. I’m somewhat banking on this bridge round of funding coming through next week, but it’s not guaranteed at all…

But everyones on holiday… so theres only so much a person can do.

In the last few days we have switched off our Google Ads we have had running. Just looking at our current analytics – wow, they have really plummeted. We have had distrust in Google Analytics in the previous months. Simply put, they don’t quite match up… our Google Ads say its directing X amount of people to our site… but our Analytics say we have less people on the site than that.

Our programmer insists we have all necessary coding in place. But somethings amiss.

Nevertheless, the numbers make for depressing reading. No point looking at them from here on in…

Going to the gym… need to get some movement in this body.

John Startup


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