INJURY TIME – Whats Going On Time

11.16am. So your wondering whats going on…

So am I. 

Yesterday one of our investors was scheduled to talk to our other investors with a view to getting them to chip into a small bridge round of funding. I got a small email from him to say it was a good call, and that he’d call me this morning to let me know how it went.

However I have not heard from him yet.

My gut tells me this is all a bad sign. Because if the call went very well, he would have phoned me and told me so. 

I had hoped that I would have had a yes or no on this by now. If it was no, I wanted to be making some biblical last minute calls to try save the day. I need that no before I can do that. I need to be in desperation, last chance saloon mode where I am totally fearless of a FUCK OFF response.

My worry is that everything will just linger on a few extra days… and I want the clarity in my mind on the future one way or another.

I just feel like I’m waiting and a bit powerless right now.

There are the logistical issues of winding down a company, letting everyone else go, packing my bags and moving home 🙂 (sad but true). All that requires its own energy and time. So we do need to know the future as soon as possible.

I sat up late last night watching Love Actually with a tub of Ben and Jerrys. 

This is what its come to.

John Startup



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