Time To Start Again

It’s crazy to think it’s been a year and a half since I was here. It took me a bit to remember my log in details.

So where did I leave you all hanging?

Well miraculously I managed to find a deal at the last minute to ensure the survival of my company. In truth it was a painful convoluted acquisition. The legal wrangling to make the deal happen took months and ultimately led to me falling out with my co-founder and best friend. It’s true what they say… don’t work with friends and family.

I didn’t even make any money out of the acquisition. I know, I know! All I got was a job and survival for what I created. Although the press we got out of the acquisition suggested I was a new millionaire. I wish!

So to boil it down. I’m ready to move on. And so perhaps it’s a good time to kick this blog back into life.

I have an idea in mind. But I am literally starting from scratch. I want to do it right from the beginning. I want to avoid all the mistakes I made in the past. And its fair to say I made a lot of mistakes.

With my last concept I bluffed my way through most of the process. So when I say I am starting from scratch I find myself wondering the answers to the most simple questions. How do I find a CFO? What is a CTO? Do I have the confidence and self drive to do it? Do I have the discipline?

The self doubt!

But here we go…


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