A Shyster?


I just woke up from a bizarre dream. So with my mind now as high as a kite, figured I may as well put my creative head to work, and get writing.

Yesterday I met a potential CTO.

Starting this new idea from scratch and with no one with me on it, the first thing I need to do is get a couple of like minded people on board. Principally I need a CFO and a CTO as co-founders. People who can get passionate about the new idea and pull all in.

I have no money for them, so I really need to sell them on the concept. And of coarse, I need to be sold on them.

I have taken to posting vague ads on Craigslist (Is it possible to find good people there?), Angel-list (?)… and I will need to get out and socialize. That last part I’m dreading as I know it takes a lot of work… and drinking!

I have nothing but equity to offer anyone so all the challenge is in-front of me.

But back to yesterday. We had arranged to meet at 3 o clock at the bar close to where I currently work. He came is looking much slicker than I thought he would, complete with very stylish shades. Something about all that made me suspect. Perhaps my suspicion was unwarranted. CTOs can dress well I presume? He was just a little too slick.

He gave me his background which I barely wrapped my mind around. He told me he had been involved in various startups. Had had raised money. His companies had been acquired. Now he was just looking to help others. Hmmmmm. Again, all possible. Maybe I have become too cynical.

I laid out my idea to him.

Now what really struck, was that without asking me questions about my business model, he went into talking about how he could definitely do it. How he had teams of people who could help. How he had an off the shelf solution. How I should put 5k into getting something together. How he new investors etc etc.

Again…I could just be being cynical. By all accounts he knew what he was talking about.

I gave him my brand new business card (which looks cool btw) and he gave me his web address. Why do successful people have such bad looking sites? In fairness, I have known genuine successful people with bad looking sites.

Today I meet a potential CFO at 5 who seems genuinely well wrapped up in the industry my concept is in, followed by a startup pitch meet and greet. I’ve been here before.

All advice welcome!


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