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It’s the final countdown!

Firstly, I never informed you what happened with that investor call on Saturday. It’s too ridiculous to believe.

It was an investor calling me for my take on another startup that we work with who he was about to invest in. And there I was all excited that this was our Golden Ticket moment.

I just learned that said startup has raised 300k in funding. It’s not the first startup that I have noticed and advised investors on. Perhaps there is a future career there.

We are definitely in the final countdown now. End of business tomorrow, I’m calling a halt to this madness. We have a few meetings today and tomorrow, but I see them as being pretty far fetched. I’ve had enough rejections to last a life time. I can take it mind.

I must be honest, our current investors are being a bit of a pain in the ass at this stage. They are not providing much use, their advice is contradictory… and they still want me to linger this on. I’m not sure if you can linger something on, but I’m doing it 🙂

In hindsight consider this… one of our investors was not willing to support a bridge round of funding (around 80K), but wanted us to ask for 17-20 million when we were trying to sell the company.

I’m at a stage where I’m pissed off at everyone – my investors, our non investors, the space we’re in, and myself.


Anyway… it’s not over yet.

John Startup